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Women Empowerment

Women have been the most under-privileged and discriminated strata of Nepalese society. To reduce if not remove discrimination, discontent and deprivation concerning women, microfinance programs have been promoted as an important strategy for their empowerment ever since 2046 when Professor Mohammad Yunus of Bangladesh begin experimenting with microcredit and women Self Help Groups.

The empowerment of women has been judged by analyzing the responses of the women beneficiaries in the study. We have observed that microfinance has resulted in empowerment and social justice. It has helped in reducing domestic violence and also helped in anti-alcoholism among the villagers. But could not helped in preventing bigamy and marriage of girls as well as remarriage of widows because of man dominating society in Nepal.

To ensure inclusive growth and women empowerment, we need to control corruption, population and inflation which can increase the efficiency and sufficiency of micro financing for self employment. There is a strong case for monitoring and evaluation with good governance (SMART and SIMPLE administration), manpower planning and inflation targeting for achieving the better results in making microfinance a success story in Nepal.

We make change work for women.

  • Decision Making Power
  • Freedom of Movement
  • Access to Education
  • Access to Employment

Powerful Women Reflect Powerful Society

  • Training Women in Life Skills
  • Parlure Training
  • Cake making Training
  • Beading Training